CPP 50 Year Anniversary

About The 50 Years of CPP

Since becoming an independent nation, Bangladesh has emerged as an international role model for hazard prone countries over the years. One of the major contributors to this journey has been the Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP). In this article, the lessons learned that have propelled the CPP to the forefront of global acclaim are discussed while highlighting the plans for the future in a rapidly evolving world. What better way to create change than to inspire and foster positive change from within the vulnerable community, by and for the community itself? This is the core essence of the CPP, which is dedicated to reducing the losses of life and property from cyclones in Bangladesh by bringing out and organizing the strength of at-risk communities. By recruiting, training and equipping volunteers from the region’s most vulnerable to cyclones, the CPP is able to mobilize the community itself in order to respond quickly to early warnings. This allows the CPP to achieve swift and efficient evacuations that significantly reduce the loss of life and property in the event of cyclones. Through its efforts in preparing and training the population in advance, the CPP is also able to nurture resilience that has now become a tradition and an inseparable and priceless social capital of the people of Bangladesh.